Bureau Veritas HSE is a global provider of training programs within the fields of chemical compliance, environment, health & safety and transportation and handling of dangerous goods.

Are you looking for a training program tailored to fit your company’s exact needs? Our training programs are developed with your company’s challenges in mind. Your time is too valuable to spend on anything else.

Our HSE department is your training partner within the following fields:

  • Transportation of dangerous goods (IATA, ADR, IMDG, RID)
  • Handling of dangerous goods (compliance)
  • Dangerous goods safety advisory
  • Chemical compliance
  • REACH 
  • Software (dangerous goods and chemical   compliance)                                                            
  • Train the trainer                                                              

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Our training is for those who demand progress and change for the better. Those who seek inspiration in new tools and solutions, but first and foremost, it is for those who consider compliance and safety a necessity for good business.  Training your employees means moving your company in the right direction.

We deliver effective training solutions to hundreds of organisations every year, from small start-up companies to large multi-national organisations. Our flexible style and professional service means that no matter what size your organisation is, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional training programs at a cost effective price.


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