Advisory, training, equipment and software

Let Scandinavia’s leading consultancy within chemistry, dangerous goods and safety advisory help you move forward with confidence. At Bureau Veritas HSE we have the necessary knowledge, experience and practical understanding required to create value and security for our customers.

We can help you with:

  • Advisory
  • Surveillance of legislations
  • Training
  • Dangerous goods equipment
  • Software
  • CSR



License to operate

Bureau Veritas HSE has developed the concept “License to operate” in order to ensure our customers to stay ahead of the challenges and the opportunities for their particular business. Through solid partnerships with the customers, we can enable a proactive and extensive approach to HSE/HSR area.

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REACH Qualified Partner

Is your company increasingly affected by the REACH regulation? We know that the continuously new rules and laws in the are of REACH, demands a greater need for companies to invest more time to accommodates these. As a REACH Qualified Partner with Bureau Veritas HSE you are ensured a unique overview of the area and an exclusive chance to display it effectively.

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