Are you responsible in a production company?

– then you probably face these challenges…

You have to make sure that your safety datasheets are in compliance with EU legislation. You need continuous overview of chemicals used in the production. You make risk and substitution analyses on products and chemicals. You need locally adapted work place instructions and/or Action cards based on your safety data sheets. We have a solution for you!

Production company UK

Our solution Your benefit Recommended modules
  • One complete database entailing all your chemicals with classifications, hazard labels and hazard phrases
  • A simple tree structure which makes it possible for countries, divisions and user places only to see information relevant to them
  • Safety datasheets in multiple languages where you only need make updates in ONE language
  • Workplace instructions based on local conditions’ SDS’s
  • Evaluation of each chemical’s hazard level combined with exposure with use
  • Overview of the Candidate List and the Authorization List
  • An easy and foreseeable way to document products and substances to customers
  • Automatic and differentiated documentation to different stakeholders
  • Automatic and differentiated work place instructions and Action Cards to different divisions/countries
  • Overview of hazardous chemicals in the production / substitution evaluation
  • Easy way to keep abreast with EU chemical legislation
  • CHESS® Basis
  • CHESS® Editor
  • Risk module
  • REACH module
  • Substitution module
  • Work place instructions
  • Action Cards
  • Language module
  • Label module
  • CHESS® Shop
  • Dangerous goods module
  • XML-standard


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