Are you aware that the CLP transformation period is now?

All chemical mixtures must be classified after the CLP regulation (Classification, labelling and Packaging) as of 1. June 2015.

This means that the time for updating your safety data sheets is now! The most essential changes in classification compared to current regulation are as follows:

  • New hazard labels
  • Nye signal words: Danger), Warning
  • Hazard-statements and Precautionary-statements
  • Changed classification limits

A typical example of the stricter classification limits in CLP could e.g. be that what was previously classified as irritant is now classified as corrosive. Thus, it can result in changes in your product mix… And then we are suddenly very busy.

If you have doubts about how to update your safety data sheets and labels – or if you have products which are no longer in compliance – call our CLP expert Jette Røgen today. Jette is already busy assisting other companies in safely transformation to CLP.

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